Wastewater recycling

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We supply the treatment Solution for domestic wastewater with unique features:

Reliable – on a care-free, fully automated operation.
Adaptable – satisfying the special needs on any given case.
Cost-effective – low-budget purchase and maintenance.
Upgradable – easy to enhance the performance.
Expandable – ready to incorporate complementary elements like N & P eliminators, UV sterilizer etc

Certified Technology, accompanied by complete Documentation.
Detailed Training – through on-going Web-Seminars and detailed operation Manuals
Unlimited Availability of Spare Parts.

High purification results, low initial and energy costs and low maintenance makes the KLÄRMAX® SBR sewage treatment technology one of the most efficient worldwide. The SBR (sequencing batch reactor) has become the best-selling as well as the most common system for waste water treatment.
Graphic Illustration of the SBR treatment Process with 8 hour Treatment Cycle: Safe – Reliable – Efficient

Charging Stage
From the pre-treatment chamber (VK2, left) the wastewater is pumped into the reactor by air lifting technology. The air lifting technology is more durable then an electric pump.

Treatment Stage
The wastewater is partly enriched with oxygen. This leads to a high concentration of micro organisms which consume the nutrients and clean the water.

Settling Stage
The settling phase takes about 75 min. During this time the activated sludge begins to settle at the bottom of the tank. Treated, clear water remains above the settled sludge.

Clear Water Disposal Stage
In this stage the treated water will be pumped out into the environment (for example into a filtration bed or a canal).

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