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Rotating Beacon Light

LED Rotating Beacon Light Power 24W
IP69K(100KPa) Waterproof Level and Nitrogen filling for Anti-fog
Superior Optical Lens Design Improves the Visibility of the LEDs
Breath Patent Design Keep Antifogging of Air Pressure Batance
High Intensity Aluminum Alloy PCB Modules

VEISE Electronic Co

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high pressure sodium lamps

Noor Seram puya

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Lighting poles

Name: Lighting poles
Uses : Appropriate for installation of different lamps and projectors with maximum height of 18 meters
Material: welded pipes and seamless pipes from 2” to 12
Cover : hot dip galvanized based on ASTM A123 standard


   Telephone: Main Office :021-26200494-5 /021-22024502-4 **Factory : 026-37777112 /026-37777114

Telescopic lighting poles

The simplest reason that the clients prefer telescopic lighting poles is that with less number of poles they can achieve better and homogenous lighting of vast areas. Telescopic lighting poles have a better maintenance factor, and it is easier to operate.

Mobile telescopic lighting …

Tolid Malzoomat Bargh

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For years we have been a source of lighting poles for many projects, such as power plants, refineries, sport complexes, ports, parks and other commercial or industrial projects across the country. We have pioneered in the design and manufacture of aluminum and steel poles to keep up with the …


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Product Features :

The perfect alternative to incandescent lamps
In a variety of home and business
[No ultraviolet [UV] and infrared [IR
[A steady and uniform light [No Ricker
[It has aluminum heatsink made of thermoplastic plus {PC + AL}
A …

Khazar Sheed

   Telephone: 021-26219860-62

Wall mount Lights :

Alpha LED wall light with beautiful design and eye-catching light distribution curve is suitable choice for residential area, office buildings, monuments and urban area.
Due to its size, power and, light distribution curve variety Alpha became an excellent choice for lighting designers.


   Telephone: Tehran Office: +98-21-88864780 -1 /Head Office: +98 31 3662 6565

Pendant Fixtures

TARA led panel light is an Exclusive design of Golnoor Lighting Group suitable for general office and commercial lighting applications.
we have tried to meet all requirement of relative standards with due attention to quality of this product. because of especial features , TARA is the best …


   Telephone: Tehran Office: +98-21-88864780 -1 /Head Office: +98 31 3662 6565


Ariel 2 LED flood light is a special high output outdoor lighting fixture that professionally designed for large area lighting applications. Ariel 2, designed with an advanced LED optical compartment that provides improved photometric requirements versus a normal HID flood light. Professional …


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Grass Lights :Ofogh

Ofogh is a bollard with quite eye-catching visual and architectural optical design; these specifications have turned this luminaire into one of the most useful luminaires for Parks and gardens.
This product would be the best choice for parks and gardens, according to standards and the Full …


   Telephone: Tehran Office: +98-21-88864780 -1 /Head Office: +98 31 3662 6565

Almas Light

ALAMAS is a garden light with stylish design, suitable for parks, gardens, areas & duplex bystreets. The refractor glass in ALMAS is made from high quality polycarbonate to resist against any strikes & fractions and to avoid any color changing occurs by ultra violet ray.
This is the special …


   Telephone: Tehran Office: +98-21-88864780 -1 /Head Office: +98 31 3662 6565

Sepid 1 LED Street Lights

Sepid 1 is a special LED roadway lighting that technically designed for local roadways and streets. Sepid 1 with advanced LED optical design offers hundreds of photometric options to meet precise lighting requirements and providing less glaring effect (Threshold Increment)
The professional …


   Telephone: Tehran Office: +98-21-88864780 -1 /Head Office: +98 31 3662 6565


The Colored Metal Halide Lamps with the diversified color of green, blue, orange and violet are very attractive and with different application in lighting and decoration of shopping, monuments, parks, squares, theatre and recreational and historical complexes. The high lighting flux and long life …

Noor Afshan

   Telephone: 0098 21 88555131


The Metal Halide Lamps with attractive light, high luminous efficiency and long service life is the best choice for lighting in the gymnasium, stadiums, the big supermarkets, refineries and high rise commercial buildings.

Sport arenas and stadiums

Noor Afshan

   Telephone: 0098 21 88555131


NSP blended lamps has combined the advantages of High Pressure Mercury Lamp and Tungsten Filament (incandescent) Lamp together in one lamp.

Therefore, this kind of lamps, do not need any auxiliary device and could be directly replaced in lieu of GLS lamps, without any additional …

Noor Afshan

   Telephone: 0098 21 88555131


The High Pressure Retrofit Sodium Lamps have all the positive electrical and
luminous characteristics of high pressure sodium lamps and is suitable to be employed instead of High Pressure Mercury Lamps without any modification in ballast, along with 18% energy reduction and 50 increase in the …

Noor Afshan

   Telephone: 0098 21 88555131


High Pressure Sodium Lamps with high luminous efficiency and long service life is one of the most economic lamps for using indoor or outdoors lighting in streets, highways, ware houses, tunnels, historical buildings and squares.

The long service life of these kinds of lamps has …

Noor Afshan

   Telephone: 0098 21 88555131


High Pressure Mercury vapor Lamps with bright white color, long service Life and competitive prices are the most economical lamps for using, in the streets, parks , factories, shops, commercial and industrial building.


Street lighting

Noor Afshan

   Telephone: 0098 21 88555131

LED model : T8

Wattage: 18W

Efficancy: 100 Lm/w

Lumen: 1800 Lm

CRI: 80

Dimension: 1196 mm

Input V: 90 - 264 AC

Life Time: 30000 hrs

Noor Seram puya

   Telephone: +98 21 88100714 +98 21 88100715

high pressure metal halide lamp 400w green

General Specification:

Name : MH400/T

Aplication : Cinema and theater halls, sports stadiums, shopping malls, Refineries

Advantages : Excellent color recognition factor, Long life, High optical gain

Accessories : Ballast, Aygntvr and …

Noor Seram puya

   Telephone: +98 21 88100714 +98 21 88100715
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