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Diesel Engine

Equipment Name: Two-Cylinder Diesel Engine

The word ”diesel” pertains to a German engineer and inventor named Rudolf Diesel who patented a special kind of internal combustion engine after fourteen years of hard work in 1892. These engines are called diesel out …

Radman Sanat

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Air Intake System

Internal combustion engines need clean and clear air for optimum operation. the most efficient operation takes effect, when fuel and air combine with suitable ratio in combustion chamber. considering the volume variation of air and fuel due to engine RPM variation, air and fuel guide and control …

Avarand Pishro

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AYRIK SANAT PALAYESH ˮASPˮ can supply , all kind of equipments for all of the projects based on the
detail design of the projects. Our deep experience enables us to
successfully fulfill any requirement of the projects, such as technical
specifications and inspection services …

Ayrik Sanat Palayesh (ASP)

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