Elin GmbH & Co KG (الین در ایران)

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Brand name: Elin , Elin Motor,Pdrive
Company description: With many realized Projects, especially in Iranian MininG and Cement Industry, but also in Water Treatment Plants, Refineries and Tank Farms, as well as in the Steel Industry ELIN Company can ensure you, that for all tasks and challenges we will have the right Experts for your disposal.

Professional Project Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Packing and Delivery of

- Energy Distribution (MV- and LV Panels, Main- and Distribution Transformers, Emergency Power Supply)
- Drive Systems (ELIN-LV and MV Motors and Generators, LV and MV Frequency Converter, Starter)
- Automation Systems (Automation Cubicles, Visualization Systems, Control Programming)
- Measuring Equipment (Field Instruments, Analyzers, Laboratory Equipment)
- Refurbishment, Upgrading, Service and Spare Parts

are part of our portfolio and with our competence in Industrial Plants realized in Austrian Quality just in time.

Please contact us for any questions by following contact data For Iranian Industry:

Gerhard Baierling: gerhard.baierling@elin.com Mobile: +43 664 6152144
Bijan Ghaffari: bijan.ghaffari@elin.com Mobile: +98 912 1866281

Tel & Fax:0098 21 26412701

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Telephone: 0098 21 26412701
Mobile: 09121866281
Fax: 021 26412701
Website: http://www.elin.com
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Responsible for communicate: Bijan Ghaffari