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wenzhou domos fluid equipment co.,ltd

member code: 1995
Business type: Manufacturer Agent Other
Country: China
The annual sales volume: 10 to 50 million dollars
Percent of annual exports: 81% to 90%
Average delivery time: 20 to 25 days
Telephone: 86-577-55576918
Language spoken: English Chinese Spanish

O.S.R.C co.

member code: 1983


member code: 1861
Business type: Agent Business service (transportation, finance, travel, ads, etc) Other
Average delivery time: 25 to 30 days
Telephone: ۰۲۱۳۳۳۴۸۱۸۵
Language spoken: Persian


member code: 1675


member code: 1572
Business type: Manufacturer Trading company Distributor/wholesaler Business service (transportation, finance, travel, ads, etc)
Country: Iran
The annual sales volume: 1 to 2.5 million dollars
Main markets: Iran,Middle East,Turkey,East Europe
Telephone: +982166952374 / +982166961511
Language spoken: English Persian Turkish Arabic
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