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Iran, Great Business Opportunity

TradesIran is a platform to boost business between Iran and Europe. Iran, a country with a vast natural resource and home to around 80 million people, is as exciting emerging market. Although there is a great business opportunity is Iran, the market is still unknown to many small and big European companies.  TradesIran is aimed to give a better picture of Iran’s potentials to businessmen and investors.

Our well-organized platform assists you to sell your business products and supply requirements in an efficient and simple way. You will have new business opportunities and explore new markets. We will help you grow global.

The idea of the TradesIran was formed in 2013 by some of Iranian elites and industrial experts involved in European industry and academia. The main goal of this group is to establish a business platform to bridge Iranian and European commercial market and engineering firms.  TradesIran was welcomed by several of top European-Iranian industrialists, businessmen and managers who have long been working in Iran-Europe joint projects and international business corporations.

Since international sanctions against Iran are lifted, Iranian market is again open to global business services and commercial networks. The prospect of doing business with Iran is appealing to many European firms and they are strongly motivated to be involved in Iran and find partners in this huge regional market.

The TradesIran group with a broad knowledge background has a close cooperation and direct business relationship with both Iranian and European industrial markets. Therefore, TradesIran is able to help the industrial sector and business services to enter the Iran-Europe partnership. Our experienced engineering team has established an efficient network in which, engineering companies from the two sides would be able to  announce their capabilities and publish their products, services and demand. Through this network, the TradesIran online service helps members find customers, suppliers and business partners. 

Subscription to TradesIran is completely free of charge to all users. All business entities whether suppliers or customers can register their companies, present their capabilities, offer products and post needs.